Pasta, An Italian Staple

A quintessentially Italian dish, Head Chef Fabio Moschini made his first pasta when he was 5 years old under his grandmother’s watchful eye. Today at Amano, our pasta is created freshly each day in a dedicated pasta cellar, just like Nonna! Up to 14 eggs are needed to create just one kilo of pasta, and are combined with ancient grains from Poggi’s family farm.

Ground in a traditional old stone mill, Senatore Cappelli and Saragolla grains brings texture and flavour to the final result, whilst a good 00 flour brings it all together. The recipe? It’s a secret of course – but you just need to know it tastes delicious!

From broad ribbons of pappardelle, served with wild mushrooms, garlic, chilli and white wine, to straw-shaped lengths of bucatini which perfectly holds its sauce of tomato, onion and cured pork the shape of the pasta is important as the sauce it is paired with.

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