An introduction to Amano

After a major refurbishment, the Swan opened for business in the year 2000, bringing modern dining to West Malling. Eighteen years later, Nick Levantis and Darryl Healy (who joined the Swan in 2011 and have enjoyed a fruitful partnership at the Swan over the past seven years) are opening the doors to Amano – a new neighbourhood restaurant specialising in authentic Italian eats.

‘West Malling is a vibrant and bustling market town, with plenty of places to eat’ says Nick ‘but one thing that’s missing is a good Italian restaurant. Amano will bring a new flavour to the neighbourhood and whilst Swan may be the place to go for a special occasion, Amano will be more accessible – a friendly, local eatery’.

Having taken over the former site of the Lobster Pot on Swan Street almost two years ago, the Grade II listed building has been extensively renovated into a warm and welcoming space. Blackened timber cladding and clay wall finishes all have an artisanal imperfection to them are used throughout the space, and real olive trees and marble tables will create a sense of classic Mediterranean courtyard meets contemporary Italian restaurant.

Both Nick and Darryl have a love for Italy and Italian food, and whilst they both have a very firm footing in the catering industry (with over a decade’s worth of experience in various London establishments as general manager and executive chef respectively) they both strongly believed that the dishes should be authentically Italian, and so they enlisted the help of Chef Fabio Moschini, who has spent the last year writing the menus and overseeing their development for Amano’s launch. The menus will be a celebration of Italian flavours and traditions, underpinned by artisanal ingredients from Italy.

Amano will also bring four new boutique hotel rooms to West Malling.  Their style remains simple, classic and in keeping with the existing building, retaining as many of the original features as possible, bringing about four very different bedrooms each with its own quirks.

‘With a love for the town, and already enjoying a good relationship with our customers, we very much look forward to opening our doors to the neighbourhood on this new venture.’